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PCR COVID-19 test for travel with fit to Fly certificate in Slough

25 Apr 2021

PCR COVID-19 test for travel with fit to Fly certificate in Slough

Need to travel abroad but worried about your COVID-19 status? You might probably know that you are now required to provide recent a negative PCR test result with a certificate before you are allowed to travel abroad, normally within 48 to 72 hours of your departure time. We hope this blog post helps you understand this new requirement and how to make sure you have got the right testing and certificate.

COVID-19 travel regulations

The COVID-19 pandemic situation is constantly changing within the UK and overseas. If you have any plans to travel abroad this year, it’s essential to keep up to date with the latest travel information on the government website to make sure the country you wish to travel to is accepting travellers.

Various measures are in place across the globe, meaning the destination you are travelling into may now require you to self-isolate upon arrival or enter a lockdown during your stay. Check the government’s foreign travel advice for more information. 

What is a COVID-19 fit for travel certificate?

Most countries now expect you to provide a recent COVID-19 test result in the form of a travel certificate. Without such a certificate, you may not be allowed entry or even fly out in the first place. A COVID-19 travel certificate is an official document that provides the results of a recent COVID-19 swab test, also called a COVID-19 PCR test. The test detects the presence of virus in your system at the present moment. These certificates help prevent the spread of COVID-19, by making sure that only travellers who are virus free, are accepted into the country. 

When should I get tested?

You have to check with your airline as some destinations may require the sample to be taken 72 hours before departure, others require the report itself within 48 hours before arrival. Therefore it is very important to check with your airline before booking in your test.

Where can I get a fit for travel COVID-19 certificate?

COVID-19 testing for international travel is not currently provided by the NHS. You need to get this service privately. You can do this by calling Wexham Road Pharmacy in Slough on 01753571786 to get tested. 

How much the fit to fly Covid test and certificate cost?

The fit to fly Covid test and certificate service cost depends on whether you need the test result same day or the next day.  Please contact our pharmacy to find out the cost for each test and the availability for appointments.

Is the certificate cost included in the Test kit price?

Yes, you don’t need to pay extra for the certificate. It will be issued without any extra cost and you will receive it by email.

If your travel is for work purposes, you’ll need to organise a test through your employer. 

What happens if I forget my COVID-19 travel certificate?

If you forget your COVID-19 travel certificate, you may not be allowed to travel at the airport. Hence it is important to ensure you have all documents required to enter the country you wish to travel to.

Other travel advice 

You may also consider these things before you travel:

  • In order to keep up to date with the latest updates, sign up for email notifications from the government’s travel advice page .

  • Make sure you have enough face masks, as wearing masks are now mandatory in most places. 

  • Keep yourself up to date with the safer air travel guidance for passengers before you leave to know what to expect at the airport.

  • Purchase travel insurance to cover unexpected situations.

  • It’s crucial to look after your mental wellbeing during this time. Keep in touch with friends and family throughout your travel, particularly if you need to self-isolate upon arrival or during your stay. 

We recommend the COVID-19 pages on the NHS website for more up to date information.


Call Wexham Road Pharmacy on 01753571786 to book your test appointment or for more information. We also provide express same day service where you will receive your results and certificate on the day of the test.