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Late Night Pharmacy in Slough, open 24 hours on Weekends

23 Apr 2021

Late Night Pharmacy in Slough, open 24 hours on Weekends

Wexham Road Pharmacy is open 7 days a week till late on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends for those last-minute late evenings and weekend emergencies. When every other pharmacy in Slough is closed in the evenings and weekends, Wexham road pharmacy stays open to make sure you and your loved ones can access essential pharmacy services till late on weekdays evenings and 24 hours on weekends.

Open till late on Weekdays

If you happen to need pharmacy services late in the evening on weekdays in Slough and don't know where to find the right help, Wexham Road Pharmacy is there for you to help you with your emergencies.

If you are finishing work late and can't get back home early enough to collect your prescription or any other service or advice that you might need, our pharmacy stays open till late on weekdays to make sure you can collect your prescription or get advice or service till late.

 Open 24 hours on Weekends

If you couldn't access pharmacy services on weekdays due to work commitments or any other reason, with Wexham Road Pharmacy, you don't need to worry as our pharmacy is open 24 hours on weekends to provide you peace of mind. Never feel rushed for your pharmacy-related services or prescriptions as we are there for you when you need us on weekends.